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Family Law Matters Require a Great Team

Very few family law matters are entirely routine. Almost all family law matters involve enormous personal, family, income, and property interests. Many family law matters also involve sharp and highly emotional disputes over each side's rights, responsibilities, privileges, and interests. And some family law matters involve serious allegations of mental or physical abuse, including domestic violence and stalking. The outcome of family law matters can, for better or worse, set the parties' course for a long time forward, even for life. New Jersey family law attorney Joseph Lento knows what family law clients have at stake in their matters. Attorney Lento thus founded, formed, staffed, equipped, and inspired the Lento Law Firm Team to provide the most effective legal services possible in the family law practice areas of child custody, child support, domestic violence, restraining orders, separation, and divorce. Call 888-585-3686 or go online now to retain premier New Jersey family law attorney Joseph Lento and the outstanding Lento Law Firm Team.

Building a Great Family Law Team

The Founder's Vision. Building a great family law team to serve New Jersey family law clients requires a strong founder with a clear vision. Attorney Lento founded the Lento Law Firm with a clear vision in mind for providing passionate, effective, value-added services for family law clients. Attorney Lento knows what sound, secure, and stable family life mean to spouses, children, neighborhoods, schools, and communities. Attorney Lento understands that one can hardly underestimate the impact of a good family life on the nurturing of spouses and the upbringing of children. Attorney Lento also understands that spousal relationships, unfortunately, deteriorate and dissolve due to many different stressors and causes, but also often for the better of one or both parties. Yet attorney Lento also knows that the better the parties can navigate the family law proceeding, the better the outcome for the family. Attorney Lento's vision is that family law matters should improve the client's family life, not damage or destroy it, even if the family law matter must result in the parties starting over with new family rights, responsibilities, and relationships. Attorney Lento's passion in family law matters is to ensure that the client achieves the best possible outcome for the client's benefit and the benefit of the emerging new family.

A Winning Team. Attorney Lento is a great New Jersey family law attorney. Attorney Lento's knowledge, skills, and experience in child custody, child support, domestic violence, restraining order, and divorce matters have achieved outstanding results for family law clients. But attorney Lento also knows that to provide consistently outstanding services for clients in the widest range of New Jersey family law cases, attorney Lento needs a great family law team behind him. Star players are worth their leading expertise. But for consistently winning results, star players generally need the supporting play of a great team. That's why attorney Lento has recruited, retained, trained, equipped, and inspired a talented family law team for the Lento Law Firm's family law clients. When you retain attorney Lento for your New Jersey family law matter, you also retain the outstanding Lento Law Firm family law team.

Pursue the Vision with Passion. A talented family law team can be a great client asset for achieving the best possible family law outcome. But talented teams need more than a visionary leader. They also need to pursue the leader's vision with the leader's passion. Attorney Lento has an obvious and overriding passion for providing effective family law services. Attorney Lento wants to see his clients not just survive their family law matters but thrive and flourish even through the challenges of a contested family law case. But attorney Lento knows that for his family law firm to be consistently successful in client representation, each member of the Lento Law Firm family law team must share attorney Lento's passion for effective service. Attorney Lento thus recruits and retains only those family law staff members who share his passion. Attorney Lento also models, mentors, promotes, and rewards that passion throughout the firm's family law staff members to ensure the continuity and delivery of the highest quality family law services.

The Members of a Great Family Law Staff

As a leading New Jersey family law attorney, Joseph Lento knows the kind and character of family law staff members, who will help the Lento Law Firm consistently provide outstanding family law services. Attorney Lento recruits and retains family law staff members who have the solid credentials, including the education, training, awards, and recognition that competent family law services require. But attorney Lento also recruits and retains the Lento Law Firm's family law staff members based on their character. Attorney Lento looks for family law staff members who have the stable, secure, confident, and courageous character to press through emotional family law matters of the greatest import and sensitivity. Family law cases open doors to the most intimate, personal, and private of matters. Family law cases can also expose the worst tendencies of parties, as they try to preserve intimate family relationships while defending their reputation and character. Effective family law work takes family law staff members who can maintain their professionalism while continuing to respect and advocate vigorously for clients facing the worst false, unfair, or exaggerated claims, allegations, and charges. Attorney Lento retains, guides, and supports smart, tough, wise, discerning, and experienced family law staff members. That's how attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team provide consistently outstanding and winning family law services.

Family Law Attorneys. While attorney Lento is the founding, managing, and lead attorney at the Lento Law Firm, attorney Lento has retained, trained, and equipped a strong team of family law attorneys to assist attorney Lento in winning family law representation. Attorney Lento recruits both senior attorneys with family law experience and a high reputation and new attorneys with strong academic records from the leading law schools. Recruiting top-flight attorneys, though, is just a start. To provide consistently high-quality family law services, a law firm must also train, mentor, equip, and support its attorneys. Attorney Lento became a great lawyer through hard work and overcoming obstacle after obstacle. Attorney Lento's challenging path into and through law school and into law practice shaped and refined his personal and professional character. But that experience also gave attorney Lento a heart for mentoring other attorneys. Attorney Lento has an unusual skill for guiding, equipping, and supporting other fine family law attorneys. That's how attorney Lento has built and maintained a strong Lento Law Firm family law team.

Ambitious Law Clerks. Family law practices can also benefit from a strong stable of skilled and ambitious law clerks. Law clerks are lawyers in waiting. Law clerks are either law students who are nearing graduation or law graduates who are waiting to take the bar exam or get positive bar exam results. Not every law firm employs law clerks because of the supervision and mentoring law clerks require. But law clerks can add significant current legal research and drafting skills at a lower cost. Law clerks don't generally do secretarial work. Law clerks instead do the background research, drafting, and organization work that lawyers do. By recruiting law clerks from top law schools, and training and equipping them to do important foundational work on family law cases, attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm add high quality and lower cost legal services for winning family law cases. When you retain the Lento Law Firm for your family law case, you get the benefit of skilled law clerks at lower costs to help you present a winning family law case.

Legal Assistants. Attorney Lento also employs legal assistants or paralegals to ensure that every Lento Law Firm family law case stays on track, organized, documented, and ready to present for winning results. Legal assistants or paralegals do different work than lawyers or law clerks. Lawyers and law clerks do legal work. Legal assistants or paralegals generally instead do administrative casework, saving the time and cost of attorneys doing that lower-level work. Legal assistants or paralegals document client intakes, open new client files, order and organize client medical, school, and employment records, review and summarize those records, build exhibit and witness lists, and do other administrative work to keep material information at the attorney's fingertips. A good legal assistant or paralegal can save attorneys tons of time. A good legal assistant or paralegal can also help win family law cases. That's why attorney Lento assiduously recruits, trains, and equips top-notch legal assistants to ensure that the Lento Law Firm provides its family law clients with winning services at the best value.


Family law clients can often bring a lot of history, information, and evidence to support their own cases. But family law clients, like parties in other types of cases, often know only part of the story. The other side in family law cases often has additional information that the other side may have hidden from view. Spouses aren't always open with one another. One spouse may have hidden assets, addictions, affairs, abuse, crimes, or other wrongs from the other spouse. And both sides may lack critical, difference-making evidence that exists and is available, if they just knew where to look. That's why investigation can play a huge role in family law cases. Attorney Lento doesn't let the Lento Law Firm family law team go into family law cases blind. Attorney Lento has instead built a strong investigative team to ensure that the Lento Law Firm family law team wins the difficult cases. When you retain the Lento Law Firm for your family law case, you gain access to critical investigation services.

Family Law Investigations. In family law cases, skilled investigators can provide a range of helpful services. Where, as is often the case in family law matters, other intimate affairs are an allegation or issue, an investigator can perform surveillance, observe, photograph, or video record a rendezvous, and obtain other records and evidence proving or disproving the suspected affair. Where, as is often the case in family law matters, concealed income and assets are an issue, an investigator can examine public and business records, locate and interview witnesses, and search for other evidence confirming or contradicting the allegations. Investigators can also search for physical evidence, investigate firearm and ammunition purchases, firearm registration, and weapons possession, and investigate driving records, cell phone and social media use, financial transactions, employment, and other activities critical to the family law case's outcome. When a party alleges child neglect, injury, or abuse, an investigator can use police training to gather confirming or contradicting evidence and discover evidence that other perpetrators may be responsible. Attorney Lento knows that thorough and skilled investigation can be critical to success in a family law case.

In-House Investigator Services. Because the investigation is so important to winning family law cases, attorney Lento has done something to equip the Lento Law Firm family law team that few other law firms do. When attorneys need investigation services for a case, they usually contact an outside consultant to hire the investigator just for that case. Attorney Lento instead wanted to ensure that the Lento Law Firm family law team had investigation services continuously and conveniently available. Attorney Lento thus recruits, retains, and employs in-house investigators as part of his Lento Law Firm family law team. Those investigators include former police officers with decades of Special Investigation Unit experience. When you retain the Lento Law Firm for your family law case, you gain access to the services of the most skilled investigators available. That's how, with special investigation services, attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team win New Jersey family law cases.

Analyzing Evidence. Locating information, data, and evidence is one thing. Discovering what's meaningful and important about that information, data, and evidence is another thing. Attorney Lento offers the Lento Law Firm's family law clients one other investigation service that very few other attorneys and firms offer. Attorney Lento has developed a strategic partnership with an intelligence analyst and intelligence analysis firm for services in select family law cases. Intelligence analysts evaluate information and data to discover meaningful patterns in it. For instance, in a family law case, you might discover cell phone records with hundreds of calls on different days and at different times to different numbers. An intelligence analyst can analyze that data to discern which numbers and calls suggest a pattern of misconduct for the investigators to investigate and attorneys to use in the discovery of the other side's misconduct. Intelligence analysts can analyze computer drives, communication records, credit card and other financial records, and other voluminous data to prove what you need to prove for your family law case. When you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team, you gain rare access to intelligence analyst services. The Lento Law Firm provides the best available investigation services.

Family Law Experts

Assembling a great family law team involves envisioning the law firm's mission and client commitments, staffing the law firm with talented and passionate team members, and equipping those team members with the resources that will make their family services winning services. But a great family law team also needs outside experts and their expert resources. Attorney Lento knows that great family lawyers and their legal teams will, in many cases, require special expertise from consultants who have the education, training, and experience to testify, report, and opine in ways that will win family law cases. Family law attorneys can be great counselors and advocates. But to be effective, great family law attorneys must also exercise the skills of a producer and director, recruiting and preparing the cast of experts whose presented reports and opinions will win the case. Attorney Lento has over many years developed the best available network of consulting experts, both locally in New Jersey and nationwide. When you retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team, you gain access to abundant qualified expertise. You gain a winning family law team.

Child Custody Experts. For example, family law cases often involve significant disputes over child custody. Family law cases involving child custody disputes often center on the fitness of one or the other parent to have physical custody of the children or child. One parent says the other parent isn't fit, while the other parent claims the first parent's unfitness. Fitness for child custody can involve questions of physical health, mental health, including emotional control and anger management, physical safety and security, substance addictions and abuse, and other similar issues. The experts whom attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team retain to examine, review, diagnose, report, and opine on fitness for child custody may include:

● Psychiatrists

● Psychologists

● Family counselors

● Mental health therapists

● Physical therapists

● Vocational and occupational rehab specialists

● Epidemiologists and other specialty physicians

● Social workers

● Addiction specialists

● Child safety and security experts

Child Support Experts. Child support is another common issue in family law cases. Courts typically evaluate and award child support based on relatively straightforward formulas. But the data that each side wants to enter into the formula is often in sharp dispute. For example, courts tend to base child support on each parent's ability to earn income, not necessarily the income actually earned. A parent who voluntarily forgoes income, especially to artificially reduce a support obligation, should suffer a support award that includes the voluntarily forgone income. Thus, a parent's potential earnings can be as important as the parent's actual earnings. And actual earnings can also be in dispute, especially for self-employed parents who may have greater opportunity to hide business income. The experts whom attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm may employ in child support disputes include:

● Labor economists

● Business appraisers

● Accountants and bookkeepers

● Forensic accountants

● Occupational rehab experts

Protective Order Experts. Family law cases can also involve requests for protective orders and restraints. New Jersey family law courts should issue protective orders only for the safety of a party or children. But false or exaggerated allegations of threats, violence, or abuse can occur in the emotional context of a family conflict. The stress of family conflict can also cause parties to act in ways that appear threatening when they are not or where the suspected threat was unique to a temporary misunderstanding. Defending false, unfair, and exaggerated allegations in support of a protective order request can require expert review, examination, testing, report, and testimony. Winning family law cases involving protective order requests can require a range of expert testimony. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm have available to them for winning your family law case these kinds of experts and their testimony and resources:

Psychiatric experts in schizophrenia, paranoia, depression, and related mental illnesses, disorders, and syndromes

Psychological experts in anger management, emotional control, post-traumatic stress syndrome, Stockholm Syndrome, and related psychological disorders

Social workers expert in household safety, security, and management, care, and protection of children and other dependents

Information technology experts for tracing cyberbullying, cyberstalking, electronic surveillance, and invasion of privacy

Fingerprint, DNA, and hair analysis experts for evaluating the evidence identifying perpetrators and suspected perpetrators

Firearm, ballistics, and other weapons experts for identification, registration, security, and safety issues

Substance abuse and addiction experts for evaluation and treatment recommendations in cases involving allegations of contributing alcohol or drug use

Sex offender experts for cases involving allegations of sexual assault, stalking, and other sexual misconduct.

Separation and Divorce. Experts can also be critical in cases involving separation and divorce. Separation and divorce cases often involve protective orders against personal threats or injury and restraining orders against the concealing or theft of personal property. Separation and divorce cases can also require spousal support awards and property divisions, implicating real estate appraisals and business valuations. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team have available for your winning family law case the following types of experts:

Psychiatric, psychological, and social work experts to address household and personal safety and security issues

Real property appraisers and business appraisers to value property divided in the separation or divorce

Labor economists and vocational experts to determine earning capacity for spousal support awards

Banking, information technology, and forensic accounting experts to discover and trace hidden financial transactions and holdings

Expert Resources. Experts can do much more than report, testify, and opine. Expert reports and testimony can be critical to winning a family law case. But attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team want to do more for their family law clients than just win cases. They also want to educate, inform, and equip clients to flourish in their new life beyond the family law case's successful outcome. Consulting experts can provide those additional values to the Lento Law Firm's family law clients. Social workers can help family law clients identify new dependent-care services, household appliances and medical equipment, transportation services, and other goods and services to improve the client's life. Counseling experts can teach family law clients coping strategies and skills that last a lifetime. Appraisers can teach family law clients the true market value of their holdings so that they can use those financial resources. Banking and accounting experts can teach family law clients budgeting, investment, and debt consolidation strategies that can restore the client's finances. When New Jersey family law clients retain attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm in a family law case requiring expert review and testimony, the client can gain access to substantial, valuable, and life-changing knowledge and resources.

The Value of a Premier Family Law Team

A premier family law team has many ways in which it provides family law clients with great value. Attorney Lento is a great family law leader with a great Lento Law Firm family team to win New Jersey family law cases for clients. Attorney Lento knows what it takes to prevail in child custody, child support, domestic violence, protective order, and separation and divorce cases. Attorney Lento has equipped the Lento Law Firm's family law team with the legal staff, investigation services, and expert consultants and resources to win family law cases. Attorney Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team also provide added value to clients through their expert consulting resources. Retaining the Lento Law Firm family law team for your New Jersey family law matter is a winning investment.

Retain a Premier New Jersey Family Law Team. New Jersey family law attorney Joseph Lento is a premier attorney who fully appreciates what family law clients have at stake when facing child custody, child support, domestic violence, restraining order, separation, and divorce issues. Attorney Lento built the Lento Law Firm's family law team to preserve and protect the enormous interest that family law clients have in the outcome of their child custody, child support, domestic violence, restraining orders, separation, and divorce matters. Trust the high-quality family law services and passionate commitment of New Jersey family law attorney Joseph Lento and the Lento Law Firm family law team. Call 888-585-3686 or go online now.

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