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Attorney Joseph D. Lento has helped countless clients locally and nationwide through their most difficult times in life.  He understands that when a client is faced with a challenge, there is nothing more important than an attorney who cares deeply about his client's welfare and who takes a personal interest in the outcomes of his clients' cases.  There are no "small" cases to Mr. Lento because he understands that whatever challenge a client may be facing, it is affecting that client's life in some fundamental manner.  Understanding what is at stake, Mr. Lento does everything in his power to make certain that any such challenge is resolved as favorably as possible for a client. 

Mr. Lento takes every client's case personally, but there are of course some cases that captivate the interest of the media, and Mr. Lento stands tall in the limelight; having been involved with many cases that not only have generated local and national press coverage, but also international press coverage.  The following is a small sample of Mr. Lento fighting on behalf of clients and his involvement in cases and matters in various capacities featured in the local and national media:

  • Penn Live - Penn State student admits damaging ‘Black Lives Matter’ banner: police - March 27, 2023 (Racial harassment needs to be appropriately addressed when the issue arises on college campuses, but schools can rush to judgment and can prioritize how they are perceived over accused students' rights and interests. The families of the two students who did not damage the banner realized their voices were not being heard by their school and came to us for help.  Lento Law is working to protect the rights and interests of the two students who did not damage the banner but were nonetheless inappropriately disciplined by their school.)
  • The Kenyon Collegian - Staff Editorial: Yik Yak fosters unbridled toxicity - November 17, 2022 (Kenyon College's newspaper recently confirmed what our client at Kenyon College recently came to learn unfortunately.  After our client was anonymously accused of Title IX sexual misconduct on Yik Yak, disciplinary, academic, and social problems ensued.  Our client thereafter came to us for help, and we are working to address failures due to how the allegations were handled at the school and by his fraternity, and to put our client on a better path moving forward.)
  • News 4 - Jacksonville, Florida - Lawsuit accuses Clay County Sheriff's Office of excessive force in arrest of murder suspect - September 8, 2022 (Although the police have a difficult job, all who wield power - be it the police or any other institution - have an obligation to wield their power responsibly.  A person is considered innocent until proven guilty, and regardless of how serious the charges against a person may be, because power was not wielded responsibly by the police in this instance, my team and I are working to address these failures.)
  • WLOX 13 - Biloxi, Mississippi - MGCCC facing discrimination lawsuit from former student - May 12, 2022 (Maggie's mother came to me for help after Maggie was wrongfully dismissed from her college in Mississippi.  Maggie's autism and other challenges were completely disregarded by her college in its decision to dismiss Maggie.  My team and I filed a federal lawsuit in Mississippi against the college to right the wrongs done to Maggie and to seek justice for Maggie.)
  • Federal Trade Commission - Saint James School of Medicine: operating on lies - April 15, 2022 (As is unfortunately often the case with Caribbean medical schools and for-profit schools, financial concerns are put above students' interests.  My team and I are helping students at St. James School of Medicine who were subject to wrongful action by the school, compounded by the systemic failures on the school's part as reflected in the FTC's Consumer Advice.)
  • Dakota News NetworkFargo Oak Grove Assistant Coach Facing Child Porn Charges - February 15, 2021 (Our clients are former students at the private school who recently came to us for help after unfortunately being subject to failures on the school's part which led to serious concerns at the school. My team and I are taking action to hold the school and others accountable for their failures which led to violations of our clients' rights.)
  • ABC 7 - Fort Myers, FL - FSW professor fired for asking student for threesome & talking about sex in class - December 2, 2021 (Whether a professor, student, or otherwise involved in academia, behaving appropriately should of course be expected.  That being said, false allegations are regularly made against individuals in the school setting for various reasons.  The accused professor came to me for help after the school Title IX case had ended, and regardless of the truth of the allegations or lack thereof, the school systemically violated the professor's rights under Title IX.  Now that I and my team are involved, we are taking action on the professor's behalf to address the violations of his rights at the school level and in court if necessary.)
  • - Toddler's hospital admission prompts Tobyhanna man's arrest for abuse, sex assault - November 12, 2021 (Most of the cases I take on are emotionally challenging, but working to help make young peoples' lives better has been the focus of my professional career for more than 20 years and I never shy away from a challenge.  There is not a more emotionally challenging case than when a young person is abused, and in this instance, I am helping to make certain the toddler is protected.)
  • Michigan media outlet - (link not provided for confidentiality reasons) October 25, 2021 (After suffering sexual misconduct by a doctor at a major state university, the female student came to me for help to address her concerns.  My team and I represent the female student plaintiff in the lawsuit filed against the university / parties at the university).
  • NBC 4 - Washington, D.C. - Why Local Nursing Students Say School Wasted Their Time and Money Online - September 30, 2021 (For-profit schools such as the school featured in this expose are notorious for taking advantage of students' time and money.   My team and I are helping a group of nursing students at this school seek recourse for the school's failures.)
  • The Daily Item - UPDATE Bravman: Incident at Bucknell LGBTQ+ home not 'motivated by bias' - July 12, 2021 (Despite Bucknell University's initial rush to judgment which made national news, through an external investigation in addition to dedicated efforts on our clients' behalf, the school reversed course and acknowledged that the actions of the accused fraternity members were not motivated by LGBTQ+ bias as initially claimed by the school and many other parties.  Over the course of two months of negotiations with the school, we were able to get the school to appropriately resolve the matter so that there would be no long-term consequences affecting our clients.  Although the story at Bucknell made national news, rushing to judgment, being motivated by agendas, and not recognizing students' right and interests are examples of concerns that take place at schools day in and day out across the country.  This is why it is critical to have experienced representation when facing a school-related issue or concern as early as possible in the process.)
  • CNN - Bucknell University condemns 'horrific incident' against LGBTQ student community and orders investigation - May 18, 2021 (I represent students involved in the unfortunate incident at Bucknell University.  As with many incidents that lead to issues at schools, a common factor is that young people make mistakes.  That is a part of growing up.  There of course needs to be accountability when necessary, but accountability in the school setting should generally should be guided by rehabilitative measures rather than punitive measures.  Regrettably, without the right advocate, schools are often quick to mete out harsh punishment without appropriately weighing the necessary considerations.  Schools can also be motivated by agendas that may not be reasonable which is clearly the case at Bucknell where the school rushed to judgment only to have an independent investigation determine that there was no LGBTQ animus involved in this incident.  For these reasons and more, it is critical to have effective representation to ensure a fair process and to work towards an appropriate outcome.)
  • Autism Parenting Magazine - Life With Maggie, Before College Algebra - May 12, 2021 (Maggie's mother came to me for help after Maggie was wrongfully dismissed from her college in Mississippi.  Maggie's autism and other challenges were completely disregarded by her college in its decision to dismiss Maggie.  My team and I filed a federal lawsuit in Mississippi against the college to right the wrongs done to Maggie and to seek justice for Maggie.)
  • Law360 - NJ Doctors Must Face Suit Over Woman's Suicide - May 11, 2021 (My team and I represent the parents of a young woman whose suicide was caused by her two doctors' wrongful use of prescription opioids.  My team and I were not involved in the case when the trial court dismissed the parents' claims, and the parents thereafter came to us for help.  A New Jersey appeals court on Tuesday reinstated the lawsuit saying the trial court applied the wrong standard in deciding to throw out the case.  In addition to getting the family justice as we continue the fight on the daughter's behalf, my team member's work in this case made a published legal opinion which itself is a major accomplishment, thereby leading to coverage in Law360.)
  • NEWS3 Western Illinois - Students report experiencing “mental cruelty,” hazing by WIU sorority - April 24, 2021 (Colleges and universities take hazing allegations very seriously regardless of the nature of the allegations, and students found responsible generally face suspension or expulsion.  In part because of what is at stake, accused students should never participate in an investigation conducted by the school or the fraternity or sorority itself without taking the necessary precautions.  I represent sorority members at Western Illinois University accused of hazing and I am working towards a fair process and a favorable outcome on behalf of my clients.)
  • The Miami Times - FMU basketball coach accused of sexual harassment - April 6, 2021 (After experiencing sexual harassment at her school, the student-athlete involved in the Title IX case taking place at Florida Memorial University came to me for help.  I am working to make certain the school and involved parties appropriately address my client's concerns.)
  • Adelphi University Joint Statement - A Joint Statement from Faculty and Administration - February 5, 2021 (I represent Adelphi University students allegedly involved in the concerns expressed by University administration and faculty per their joint statement.  Young people make mistakes, and a school has an obligation to address such concerns, but a school's response needs to be reasonable to the circumstances.  Speaking generally, because school's are not concerned about an accused student's rights and interests, I am working to ensure a fair process and a constructive resolution on behalf of my clients.)
  • The College of New Jersey - "The Signal" - An interview with President Foster: off-campus partying, student expectations (Schools across the nation have been arbitrary in their enforcement of COVID policies and The College of New Jersey (TCNJ) is no exception.  I am working with students at multiple schools who have been accused of COVID violations, including TCNJ, in an effort to ensure a fair process and a favorable outcome.)
  • The New York PostDOE school probed for attendance of ‘phantom student,’ grade fraud - January 9, 2021 (I represent professional parents of an accomplished high school student who were wrongfully accused of child endangerment because of failures within the New York City Department of Education leading to significant adverse consequences for the family.  I am working on the family's behalf to resolve the concerns.  I am also working to determine if these concerns arose because of mismanagement, or because of fraud and malfeasance within the New York City Department of Education, and I will be prospectively taking appropriate legal action in response.)
  • The Philadelphia InquirerAlleged carjacker shot dead by security officer in CVS parking lot in East Germantown - December 6, 2020 (My client, a Good Samaritan, saved a man's life when he intervened in an attempted carjacking and shot and killed the carjacker.  There is a question as to whether the carjacker was armed, and the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office (DAO) was considering whether to file homicide charges against my client.  Although a layperson may mistakenly believe that such a decision would be made solely based on the facts, the DAO's decision whether to file homicide charges was complicated by today's political climate, social justice issues, and the fact that homicides are a major concern in Philadelphia in 2020.  Through immediate and ongoing steps taken on my client's behalf, I was able to get the District Attorney's Office to not file homicide charges against my client.)
  • Los Angeles Times - One year after pledge died, San Diego State struggles to control its fraternities - November 22, 2020 (Maintaining a responsible Greek life is of course important, but colleges and universities can be overzealous in their attempts to hold fraternity members accountable for matters with which they had no involvement.  I represent a student at San Diego State University who is the unfortunate victim of the University's overzealous attempts to hold students accountable who had no involvement in the alleged hazing and unfortunate death of a 19-year-old freshman after an event hosted by the fraternity house he was pledging. The pledge later fell out of the top bunk bed at his dorm, suffering a blow to his head that killed him.  This is of course a tragedy, but the San Diego State University Police cleared the fraternity of any wrongdoing.  Despite this exoneration, the University continues to pursue action against fraternity members for hazing irrespective of their involvement. We are working to see that the University is not inappropriate in it actions and that our client's rights and interests are protected.)
  • Times UnionJudge halts RPI sexual misconduct hearing - October 26, 2020 (Although not unique to Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI), colleges and universities across the nation have found themselves in a quandary over Title IX sexual misconduct cases which started before the Title IX Final Rule went into effect on August 14, 2020.  I am not the attorney for the case referenced in this article, but I also am representing a male respondent client at RPI who is facing the concerns expressed by the federal judge in this article: "RPI's current regime may be discriminating against [males] on the basis of [their] sex...this Court must be satisfied that (RPI) adequately protects male students...before [they] can be threatened with discipline."  Regrettably, this is not a concern unique to RPI, as schools across the United States continue to apply uneven standards in Title IX cases to the detriment of male respondents even in the face of oversight.  Update as of January 9, 2021: My client at RPI was found not responsible for the Title IX sexual misconduct charges.)
  • University of Illinois - "The Daily Illini"63 UI students on probation, 15 dismissed for COVID-19 violations - September 30, 2020 (Preventing outbreaks of COVID-19 remains a focus of colleges and universities across the nation, and schools have taken drastic action against students found responsible for violating health protocols including suspending, dismissing, and expelling students.  At the University of Illinois, among other schools across the nation, I am representing students who regrettably have gone through the University disciplinary process without professional assistance and/or with someone not suited to the task in an effort to seek recourse and/or a more reasonable resolution.  I am also representing students accused of COVID-19 violations at many other schools from earlier in the disciplinary process which will always allow for the best prospect of a fair process and a favorable outcome.)
  • ABC NewsUniversity of Notre Dame changes 'battle plan' after rise in COVID-19 cases - August 27 2020 (Preventing outbreaks of COVID-19 on campus is obviously important, but many schools, including the University of Notre Dame, are taking severe action against students accused of non-compliance with campus COVID-19 protocols.  I represent students at Notre Dame facing "'severe disciplinary action,' including dismissal", for what would arguably be considered marginal non-compliance at best, and I am working to achieve a positive outcome.  In addition, the school itself has not always set the best example, with the "university's president apologizing...after failing to comply with the school's recommended social distancing guidelines while taking selfies with students."  Regrettably, schools cannot be relied upon to be fair or reasonable, and that is why disciplinary action, or any school-related concern, should never be taken lightly.)
  • Duquesne University - "The Duquesne Duke" Title IX changes spark concern from DU students - August 27, 2020 (Having handled multiple Title IX cases at Duquesne University, Duquesne, as with many colleges and universities throughout the United States, is arguably trying to balance multiple interests, including its own, in creating new Title IX policies in light of the Title IX Final Rule going into effect on August 14, 2020.  How Duquesne is responding to the Title IX Final Rule, in addition to its general practices in Title IX cases, raises serious concerns, however.)
  • George Mason University - "The Fourth Estate" - Students lobby for changes to computer science honor policies - April 29, 2014 (I am representing a student who was falsely accused of academic misconduct at George Mason University during the 2019 - 2020 school year.  This article touches upon fundamental related concerns that have existed at GMU for years.  Such concerns are not unique to GMU.  False allegations of academic misconduct are made by colleges and universities across the nation.)
  • UCLA - "Daily Bruin" - Harrowing Experiences, potential resources feature in academic dishonesty case - June 10, 2018 (I represent students accused of misconduct at UCLA and other elite schools throughout the nation.  The concerns expressed in this article are not unique to UCLA, and instead reflect the potential systemic failures in how college and universities nationwide address allegations of academic misconduct.  Although unfortunate, students and families must understand that schools are not concerned about accused students' rights and interests.  Without the right advocate to ensure due process, schools can often fail in appropriately addressing and adjudicating such matters.)

There is always more than one side to the story, but regretfully, people at times judge without knowing all of the facts.  I gave a voice to my client because she was being wrongfully vilified and was not in a position to defend herself - August 8, 2011

Press conference announcing the federal civil rights lawsuit filed on behalf of plaintiffs against the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility and other named parties - April 3, 2019
Video of the prison stabbing at the Southern Ohio Correctional Facility made international headlines.
One of the plaintiffs, Mr. Shamieke Pugh, speaking at the press conference - April 3, 2019
Multiple television, newspaper, and radio outlets, including the Associated Press (AP) covered the press conference. The AP story was republished by over 500 other media outlets; the lawsuit generating national and international attention.
My team represented one of the defendants in the 16-ton, 1 billion dollar Philadelphia port cocaine bust which was one of the largest drug seizures in United States’ history.

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